We design and integrate machine vision systems into your production line.
Take your quality control to the next level!

We believe that increasing transparency in industrial process helps you leverage more value, reduce manufacturing costs, and support your operators in their daily tasks. Rely on our expertise to automate quality control tasks such as visual inspection or volumetric measurement, and unlock the potential of our edge machine vision system, the MSX-AI-5000, and all the included services.

Our know-how

Machine vision engineering

We develop machine vision solutions that allow you to automate
error-prone and time-consuming inspection tasks.

Data and ML engineering

We support you in your data management strategy and ML models deployment strategy.

Edge-to-Cloud architecture

We design complete edge-to-cloud ecosystems that integrate with your existing IT networks to bring only valuable data to your servers.


We improve existing production lines to provide you with new data sources and reach higher levels of automation.

Use cases

Learn more about our vision system and applications

Our values

Spirit of innovation

To us innovation is a gift that helps us create something extraordinary from proven technologies to deliver powerful solutions to you, the user.


Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany and undergo rigorous functional testing.
This guarantees the smooth running of your automation projects.


We are always there for our customers and offer many services, such as consulting, feasibility studies, technical support after the sale.

Sustainability of investments

Our development department works quickly and flexibly, guaranteeing customized solutions for every need, and in the shortest possible time.


We guarantee long-term availability of all our products and services.
We are aware of the role we play in the entire automation process and take our responsibility very seriously.

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