The most frequently asked questions and answers.

The system can perform various checkpoints: defects detection, surface inspection, volumetric measurement, component placement check, information reading…

Yes, the MSX-AI-5000 supports all industrial cameras on the market, to provide a cost-effective retrofit of vision systems. On request, ADDI-DATA may integrate additional camera interfaces to the system.

Yes, the MSX-AI-5000 supports various industrial communication protocols including OPC UA or MQTT, in order to control installations such as PLCs or actuators. On request, ADDI-DATA can integrate additional communication interfaces to the system.

Yes, ADDI-DATA offers a specific application development service to best meet the needs of its customers.

Yes, all the communications from MSX-AI-5000 are encrypted and the system provides an authentication system with fine-grained user privilege management.

No, you can use MSX-AI-5000 for any application that requires image processing (smart city, building automation, robot/vehicle guidance, medicine, pharmaceutic…).

The MSX-AI-5000 supports classical computer vision (OCR, shape detection, tracking), stereo vision (point cloud processing, clustering, plane estimation), and deep learning (segmentation, object detection and classification).

Yes, ADDI-DATA offers a SDK for developers who are interested in building their own computer vision applications.