Machine vision system for quality control

The MSX-AI-5000 is based on a software stack that features an embedded artificial intelligence core, enabling system control and task planning. The system also features carefully selected 2D or 3D industrial cameras, depending on the application, as well as a powerful and compact hardware module, capable of executing the embedded deep learning and image processing algorithms in real-time.

Quality controls and visual measurements are therefore inline performed in a non-intrusive way, and are fully integrated into the existing ecosystem thanks to the native support of industrial communication protocols. Detection of manufacturing defects, surface inspection, volumetric measurement - the MSX-AI-5000 is your all-in-one digital factory tool. It helps you increase process transparency and save time and money.

A ready-to-use machine vision system

Edge computer vision in real-time

An end-to-end solution that provides edge computing for machine vision: the right combination of classic image processing with neural networks in a lightweight embedded software.

Multi-application & customizable

Customizable through the development of customer-centric applications named skills, to best fit your needs and constraints. It supports industrial communication protocols and a wide range of industrial 2D and 3D cameras.

Intuitive user experience

Its operator-friendly user interfaces (Android app and web interface) make it easy to use and to setup. The system offers an automated non-intrusive visual process, with a guided deployment.

Secure and GDPR-compliant

Provides advanced cybersecurity through encryption ciphers and authentication methods. The system also complies with the GDPR and all applicable standards.

Technical specifications


  • Multi-camera
  • Customizable skills
  • User-oriented interfaces


  • Vision edge computing
      • Deep learning vision processing: segmentation,
        classification, object detection …

      • Classic computer vision processing: OCR, tracking,
        object recognition, color filtering, thresholding

  • Autonomous system & dynamic behavior:
      • Multiple skills on the same camera

      • The same skill on multiple cameras

  • Secure through an administrator system
  • Encrypted MQTT & OPC UA interfaces with TLS protocol
  • Authenticated and secured data communication


  • Up to 6 industrial cameras
    • 4x UVC cameras
    • 2x GigE cameras
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D cameras
  • Supports RTSP and IP cameras
  • Other camera interfaces on request

User interfaces

  • Android app & web browser interface
  • No-code skills management and system administration
  • Easy-to-use camera setup interface


  • ADDI-DATA Skills customization and implementation
  • Customer-specific industrial needs
    • Training and implementation of embedded neural networks
    • Datasets creation
  • SDK on request
  • Visual Studio plugin
  • Vision processing library service


  • 1x Gb Ethernet for LAN connectivity
  • 4x USB 3.2 ports for UVC cameras
  • 2x PoE ports for GigE cameras
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cascade mounting with ADDI-DATA products to build a
    complete industrial ecosystem
  • Other communication interfaces on request: 4G, EtherCAT, BLE...

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